Journal articles

3. Hunter DO, Lagisz M, Leo V, Nakagawa S, Letnic M. (Accepted) Not all predators are created equal: a continental scale analysis of the effects of predator control on Australian mammals. Mammal Review.

2. Hunter DO, Britz T, Jones M, & Letnic M. (2016). Reintroduction of Tasmanian devils to mainland Australia can restore top-down control in ecosystems where dingoes have been extirpated: a response to Baker et al. (2015) and Fancourt & Mooney (2015). 

1. Hunter DO, Britz T, Jones M, & Letnic M. (2015). Reintroduction of Tasmanian devils to mainland Australia can restore top-down control in ecosystems where dingoes have been extirpated. Biological Conservation191, 428–435. 



Hunter DO (2017) An interview with Wendy Harmer and Tim Faulkner about restoring ecological function in Australia. ABC Radio National.

Hunter DO (2015) An interview with Patricia Karvelas about my research on dingoes and devils on Radio National - Drive.

(2015) Wild Researchers exhibition by renowned Australian photographer Tamara Dean at Australia Museum in ABC News.

Hunter DO & Letnic M. (2015). A piece Mike and I wrote for The Conversation about rewilding in Australia.

Hunter DO (2015) An invited piece written for Biosphere Magazine (UK) about restoring lost ecological function

Hunter DO (2015) A piece about our research on rewilding in UNSW's UNIKEN magazine.

(2015) Media piece in The Guardian about our Tasmanian devil research

(2015) Media piece in Science Daily about our Tasmanian devil research

Hunter DO (2015) An interview with Inside Story about my research and rewilding Australia

Hunter DO (2015) An interview with William Geary of Wild Melbourne about my most recent film and the role of filmmaking in science communication

Hunter DO (2015) Guest appearance on Joy FM program, 'Is Nothing Sacred?' to discuss top-predators and their reintroduction to assist conservation goals

Hunter DO (2015) Devils on the mainland promise to control foxes, cats, saving many species and the devil. ABC Radio National



Hunter DO 2015. Invited to screen my film for Wild Melbourne's Predators and People Seminar, Melbourne University.

Hunter DO 2015. Invited lecture about predators and ecosystem function for the University of Sydney.

Hunter DO 2015. Invited lecture on rewilding in Australia and abroad at the Australian National University.

Hunter DO 2015. Screening of my documentary Battle in the Bush in the Blue Mountains and at UNSW to over 150 viewers. 

Hunter DO 2015. Poster presentation titled "Reintroducing Tasmanian devils to mainland Australia can restore top-down control" at the International Congress for Conservation Biology in Montpellier, France.

Hunter DO and Letnic M 2013. Guard dog: evidence that dingoes indirectly protect small native mammals from introduced predators. 5th EcoTas Conference, Auckland, New Zealand.

Hunter DO, Chapple R, and Letnic M 2014. Ecosystem wide effects of dingo baiting in the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. Invited presentation Blue Mountains Research Forum, Blackheath, Australia.

Hunter DO, Britz T and Letnic M 2014. Reintroducing Tasmanian devils to mainland Australia: conservation with bite. UNSW 3 minute thesis competition finals, Sydney, Australia.


academic awards

2015. UNSW Postgraduate Research Scholarship to communicate my research abroad.

2015. Australian Geographic Seed Grant 

2014. Finalist UNSW 3 minute thesis competiton.

2014. Winner of the Science Higher Degree Research Competition, UNSW.

2014. Ecological Society of Australia travel grant.

2012. Blue Mountains World Heritage Institute top-up scholarship, 2013-2016.

2012. Australian Postgraduate Scholarship, 2013-2016.

2011. Graduate Teacher Recruitment Scholarship, Victorian State Government.

2010. University of Otago Division of Sciences Scholarship, 2011.