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Conservation & Filmmaking

I am a PhD candidate based at the Centre for Ecosystem Science at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. My current research is focussed on biodiversity conservation and how to improve management of ecosystems, particularly at landscape scales. Much of my research is focussed on predators and terrestrial trophic cascades. However, I am also interested in working to bridge the divide between science and policy. I am currently in the midst of carrying out extensive ecosystem surveys in the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. Most recently, I have been investigating how dingoes shape ecosystems and how we can harness aspects of their ecology to benefit biodiversity conservation.

I also love filmmaking. I am especially interested in capturing interesting ideas and beautiful vision of the natural world and turning these into captivating stories. I have made three documentaries to date. My most recent film, Battle in the Bush, focusses on my research on predators and trophic cascades and the potential of species interactions to benefit conservation. I am the recipient of numerous international awards including: Best Director (Telenatura, Spain), Best NZ Film (Reel Earth) and Overall Festival Winner (Aesthetica FF, London). 

Photo: Ed Sloane

Photo: Ed Sloane

I offer my filmmaking services in a freelance capacity and can provide everything from animation, editing, shooting and story design. I have a professional kit including a Sony A7s, 5D MKII, Canon L Series lenses, Miller tripod, DJI Phantom 2 drone and Rode microphones.

I'm interested in collaborations in science and filmmaking. Please feel free to contact me for a quote for filmmaking services.

daniel.hunter@unsw.edu.au / +61 413 886 942 / @danielohunter